Privacy Policy

1. General notice

EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP, European Research Council funded projects based at the CNRS and Panthéon Sorbonne Institut des Sciences Juridique et Philosophique respect the privacy of their website “Users” and of their registered members (“Members”).

We have set up policies and procedures to make sure that personal data is processed safely and securely, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This privacy policy describes how EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP collect and use the personal data you provide on our website. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal data and how you can access and update this information.

This privacy policy applies to and the associated sites operated by EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP.

Access to the website of EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP ( – hereinafter the “Website”) implies the User’s full consent without any reservations to the present Privacy Policy as well as to its terms of use: Legal Terms and Conditions

EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP reserve the right to modify the Privacy Policy at all times and without prior notification by posting an updated version on the Website. Therefore, EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP recommend consulting this policy regularly. However, if we make any material changes we will notify you by email (sent to the e-mail address specified in your account) or by means of a notice on this Website prior to the change becoming effective.

2. Data collected by EURO-EXPERT from members and external partners and how we use it

As a network and membership-based organization, it is vital to our operations to collect, maintain and manage the data of our members. EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP are committed to safeguarding your privacy and only collects personally identifiable information from you if you voluntarily supply it – through filling in the membership form, though registering on the Members Area on

Membership application

By becoming a member of EURO-EXPERT or CULTEXP and add on application, you allow EURO-EXPERT and CULTEXP to record and store, for the purposes mentioned above, the following information:

  • Identification data, e.g. name and first name, email address and professional contact details of the legal representative and of other staff
  • All communications transmitted through the Website / email / post
  • Any other information voluntarily transmitted to EURO-EXPERT by the Member for a specific purpose.

Registration on EURO-EXPERT Members’ Area (K-Expert)

Access to information available on or through website normally occurs without any need to provide personal data, e.g. name, geographical address, email address, etc. Nevertheless, in order to access the Members Area, reserved to Members, it is necessary to provide personal data.

EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP gathers the following information through the registration on its site:

  • Information that identifies you as an individual; that is, your name, surname, email address, institution, function, and user name.
  • You may be required to provide additional personal data upon registration to apply for certain activities or courses organized by EURO-EXPERT or CULTEXP and/or or its partners.

When you are registered on EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP’s members area, we use your name and email address to send our newsletters or other specific information that we think may be relevant to you. You may choose to stop receiving our newsletter at any time by contacting us at

Registration / Participation at events

EURO-EXPERT organizes various events, including trainings and capacity building activities. For this purpose, we collect the name, contact details such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers as well as job role and address. We also gather information about which EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP meetings and events you were interested in / you took part in and we store this information on our server, in the contact database. Likewise, communications with you, especially emails, are stored on our mail server.

If you are participating in EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP meetings or events or have donated materials we will ask you for the consent to be listed on the participants list with your name, organization and e-mail address or, to be listed among the donors with your full name only. You can refuse to be shown on the participants and donors list at any time.

The participation data is also accessible to other members, this helps for further knowledge sharing in between of the meetings and events. Other meeting and event participants might contact you directly.

You can at any time delete all your data on and in our contacts database by requesting us to delete all your data by writing to

EURO-EXPERT considers personal data as confidential information and will not communicate them to third parties under other circumstances than those specified within the present Privacy Policy or those required by law.

We do not sell or transfer any personal data to third parties.

3. GDPR compliant guidelines for processing personal data in legal documents

EURO-EXPERT/CULTEXP re-publishes case law from member states of the EU and the United Kingdom in the CULTEXP database. While we endeavor to accomplish the most effective pseudonymization of the personal data contained in the case law, it is still possible that we process indirect personal data that might permit the identification of the parties in legal disputes. We also process personal data related to the names of the judges and advocates.  We collect this data so that we can offer a research platform in the field of cultural expertise. Therefore, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the lawful bases we rely on for processing this information is that we have a legitimate interest (specifically, research purpose). Data were obtained indirectly through either national databases of case law in Open Access or the exercise of the right to access to public documents. Expert reports were obtained on the basis of authorisations from their authors and copyrights holders. We will keep the data for the duration of the EURO-EXPERT/CULTEXP projects.

The law on the processing of personal data in the European Union is set out in the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR). At EURO-EXPERT we have developed specific “GDPR compliant guidelines for the treatment of personal data contained in the documents archived on CULTEXP.”

4. Risk of misuse of the data available on CULTEXP and mitigation measures

CULTEXP has endeavoured to remove all personal data including also that information which in relation with other information in the same document could identify specific individuals. Additionally, we have developed and adopted CULTEXP guidelines for an inclusive language in court and legal documents. As a result, thanks to the combination of the GDPR complaint guidelines and the inclusive language guidelines, on CULTEXP the risk of misuse of data for racial profiling or other kind of discrimination against vulnerable groups and minorities is highly mitigated. We conclude that the high level of anonymisation/ pseudonymisation combined with CULTEXP’s legitimate purpose constitute reasonable measures against misuse. However, since policies on data-processing, especially for what concerns legal databases are rapidly evolving we will continue to closely monitor the risk and will endeavour to adopt stronger measures against potential misuses if a higher level of risk will be registered in the course of upcoming evaluations.

5.Your use of the data you have access to

You may come across various information while accessing EURO-EXPERT and members area, including personal data of others to which you have access to on and any data (presentations, screenshots, documents etc.) which has been shared on and at meetings.

You may only use these for your own learning and knowledge building around the discussed topics. You are strictly prohibited to use EURO-EXPERT/CULTEXP Members Area platform any of the gathered data for marketing or commercial purposes. The transfer of any data, which you have accessed through EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP’s Members Area or which you gathered in one of our meetings and events, to third parties without having explicit consent is prohibited.

6. Data controller

The data controller for the data gathered via the above-mentioned channels is:

Juriste, Déléguée à la protection des données

Service Protection des Données, Campus Jean Zay, 2 rue Jean May, 54500 Vandoeuvre des Nancy

tel: +33 (0)3 83 85 64 26

7. Storage period

EURO-EXPERT will normally store its Members’ data during the full period of Membership.

EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP may retain personal data of a Member who is deregistered, including all correspondence or request for assistance addressed to EURO-EXPERT/ CULTEXP, in order to respond to any questions or complaints which would be addressed to it after deregistration, and in order to comply to all applicable laws.

8. How to modify / delete data

The Member, may, at any time, have access to their personal data online on Members Area and correct them by using their username and password.

The Member, may also request access, ask for rectification and for deletion of all their personal data, except those which EURO-EXPERT/CULTEXP would be legally obliged to retain, from EURO-EXPERT/CULTEXP’s database by addressing an email to

EURO-EXPERT/CULTEXP will take all necessary steps to satisfy such request with expediency.

All questions or requests you may have regarding this policy and the processing of your personal data may be addressed to: and