Expert Reports Donations

CULTEXP is developing also thanks to the donations of expert reports which are processed according to current European laws on privacy and copyrights.

Special thanks to the followings experts who have donated their reports:  Filippo Alderighi, Giulia Almagioni, Roger Ballard, Stefano Boni, Alessandra Brivio, Giuseppe Burgio, John Campbell, Armando Cutolo, Giorgia Decarli, Sandrine Dekens, Martine De Maximy, Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Véronique Donner, Anthony Good, Roger Goodman, Markus Hoehne, Livia Holden, Kaisa Huhtala, Aina Khan, Werner Menski, Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman (Finland), Cristiana Natali, Ariel Plainex, Tommaso Sbriccoli, Alessandro Simoni, The Finnish League for Human Rights.

Experts who are willing to donate please contact us!

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