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Ticky Monekosso

Ticky Monekosso is a journalist and researcher with more than 30 years reporting on human rights, development issues and related Humanitarian affairs in Africa. Ticky Monekosso is Honorary Associate at EURO-EXPERT as acknowledgement for her contribution to the debates on the weight of expert evidence in court. Since 2002, Ticky has accumulated practical knowledge in preparing expert reports and giving oral evidence at Court for immigration, refugee and asylum Courts/Tribunals in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Israel, and Japan. These reports cover the personal situation of the claimant and look at how this relates to the political, human rights and social situation in Sub-Sahara African countries of origin, while assessing societal attitudes, local believes, religious practices and many other cultural matters in a particular community at a certain point in time.

Ticky regularly presents executive briefings and induction programmes for international civil servants, diplomats, and business community on the Affairs of Africa. She has organized information and training sessions in international cooperation and development for young professionals under the European Union Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP-Erasmus +)
Ticky’s experience is supported by her academic studies in international relations and her professional training in mass communications studies and journalism, where she studied the theory of “Information and Evidence”. She applied investigative journalism methods to cultural expertise at Court, in diplomacy and in business. As an investigative journalist and the founder of Afromedi@net – a Network of journalist and independent experts specializing in the affairs of Africa – she has wide experience of grassroots engagements, in contacts with projects at community level and in working with individuals from a broad range of backgrounds.