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Kim-Thao Le

Kim-Thao Le is a Research Assistant for the EURO-EXPERT project.
She obtained an LLB in French Law and Anglo-American Law, then a BA in History, followed by an LLM in Legal History and Anthropology, at the University of Paris Nanterre. In November 2016, she was awarded a three-year doctoral contract by the Doctoral School of Law of the University of Paris Nanterre where she worked as a teaching assistant in legal history. She spent a few years in Scotland and in England to pursue her PhD in co-tutelle with the University of St Andrews and to collaborate in the ERC research project “Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law”. Her research focuses on the origins and the progressive expansion of the criminal jury system in medieval English common law through the central notion of suspicion. Her research interests aim at combining legal history with social and anthropological approaches.