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Giorgio Fabio Colombo (J.D., Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi”, Milan, 2003; Ph.D., University of Macerata, 2009) has been pro-bono consultant for the training component of EURO-EXPERT and the spin-out funded by the GCRF UK. He is Associate Professor of Law at the Graduate School of Law of Nagoya University (Japan), where he is in charge of Comparative private law, Law and Anthropology and International commercial arbitration. He leads the project Decolonizing Arbitration: How to Promote a Fair and Culturally Sensitive use of Commercial and Investment Arbitration.

The aim of this project is to critically assess arbitration and promoting a culturally-sensitive approach. The aim is to establish a levelled playground between developed and developing countries. The project aims to assist developing countries in better protecting their environment, workers’ rights, cultural heritage, and to enhance gender equality in the legal profession through the use of arbitration. In doing so, the project will rely on the knowledge of local legal cultures: without that, any initiative based solely on international legal models is destined to fail.