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Anna Ziliotto

Anna Ziliotto has formerly assisted the PI for qualitative data collection in Italy. Anna is currently the Curator of CULTEXP. Anna is also the Head of Academic Training for CULTEXP training for experts and members of the legal professions. Anna is a cultural anthropologist and her fields of interest are crime and law, traumatic death, suicidology, and behavioural sciences. She graduated in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology and Ethnolinguistics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and she obtained her Ph.D. in Anthropological Sciences at the University of Turin. Her additional course in Criminology and Psychopathology at the University of Milan nurtured her competence in forensic anthropology in Italy. She is Honorary Judge at the Court of Appeal, Juvenile section, in Venice. Her publications focus on the anthropology of crime and criminalization, and on the involvement of socio-anthropological skills for the resolution of conflicts in Italian law courts.